Applications for the Ekipa Fanihy Field Project Manager positions are now closed. Please check back in spring 2020 for potential position openings in the 2020-2021 academic year.

In part with Ekipa Fanihy, I periodically hire Field Project Managers (usually American post-bac students; see Team) to work with Malagasy graduate students on fruit bat infection studies. I have found this to be rewarding opportunity for both parties to engage in scientific and cultural exhange. A general description of the workload and qualifications for such a position is outlined below. Details surrounding compensation and application submission will be posted as new positions become available in spring 2020.


Work Description

This one-year position (start and end date are somewhat flexible) will involve co-leading monthly field expeditions for Ekipa Fanihy. The new Field Project Manager will spend approximately 70% of his or her time in the field, in part with Ekipa Fanihy’s monthly missions to roost sites for Pteropus rufus, Eidolon dupreanum, and Rousettus madagascariensis in the District of Moramanga, Madagascar.

The team will travel up to a full day’s journey for each mission in a vehicle with hired driver sponsored by Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (IPM). In the field, the team will reside in tents provided by the project for up to two weeks at a time. During field missions, a local cook will be hired to prepare meals, and all expenses (including food) will be funded by the project.

While in the field, the manager will join the rest of the field team to capture bats, collect biological samples (blood, urine, feces, saliva, ectoparasites, wing punches, tooth extractions from a subset of bats under isofluorane anesthesia), and undertake basic sample preparation (i.e. centrifugation) and sample storage in liquid nitrogen.

In between field missions (30% of the time), the manager will live in a shared house with the other foreign team members in the Ambotrarahaba District of Madagascar’s capitol city of Antananarivo (house includes a modern kitchen, ample living space, two bathrooms, two bunkbeds in two bedrooms, WiFi, on-site security, and weekly cleaning services). In Antananarivo (‘Tana’), the new manager will work with his or her co-manager (Anecia Gentles) to further treat and organize samples on the laboratory campus of IPM. Together, the co-managers will be additionally responsible for restocking, packing, and preparation of field supplies for recurring field missions. Managers may be asked to participate in basic laboratory manipulations of samples (DNA/RNA extractions, PCR, etc.) at IPM after field obligations have been fulfilled.

See Research Interests for an overview of the scientific questions underpinning the field work, and visit our National Geographic Blogsite to track our team’s progress in the field.


We are open to candidates from all backgrounds, but an ideal candidate will possess some combination of the following background traits or experiences:

Bonus traits include:

Candidates who do not meet the above requirements will not be automatically discarded but will need to justify their interest in this position and commitment to catching up on the necessary skills in their application. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Cara Brook at with any questions or concerns.

A note on diversity and inclusion

We are an equal-opportunity group. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and lifestyles are enthusiastically encouraged to apply. We acknowledge that we are unable to provide a salary competitive with full-time US-based employment for Field Project Managers at this time. However, we are committed to ensuring that this opportunity does not fall under the “unpaid internship” designation, which has been shown to reinforce socioeconomic inequities. Therefore, if the above compensation description is inadequate for your needs, please inform us of this in your application submission. We will review applications on a case-by-case basis and do our best to making this opportunity accessible for the right applicant, independent of financial constraints.